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Couple hugging

Many of us probably wouldn’t think too highly of someone who had to buy their friends. You might be surprised how well such a thing is trending professionally.

The business of “professional cuddling” is apparently growing in popularity across the country. Professional cuddling is pretty straightforward: customers pay people to cuddle with them for x number of hours. It’s strictly platonic; there’s nothing romantic or sexual about it. Customers can chat about whatever’s on their mind or just cuddle until they fall asleep. Some people like the idea of having someone to comfort them without having to deal with the stress of an actual relationship; that’s understandable, but wouldn’t it be more authentic (and cheaper) than paying some stranger to pretend to be your friend for a few hours?

A while back, I wrote a post saying that we don’t need online dating sites and that relying so heavily on them isn’t doing our social skills any good. The same principals can be applied to professional cuddling; we shouldn’t have to pay for fabricated intimacy when we could be out building real, quality relationships. Relationships with friends and lovers aren’t always without bumps and rough patches here and there, but that’s life. We learn and grow from these experiences. Take the bad with the good and get what you can out of it.

Instead of letting people exploit our lack of social skills and make money off of it, let’s do things the old-fashioned way and make some real friends who we can share our troubles with, free of charge.