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Toy guns in a dollar store, next to unrelated itemsToy guns on the shelf of a dollar storeMore toy guns on the toy aisle

In a pro-gun culture such as ours, how do we solve the growing problem of gun violence? It might be a good start to stop teaching little kids that guns are okay.

During a recent trip to the dollar store, I noticed a lot of toy guns. Most were in the toy aisle, right next to the trucks and cars. There were others scattered around the store, near cleaning items, house decorations and other places you wouldn’t expect. This permeation of toy guns all throughout the store got me thinking about just how much guns are permeated into society these days. There used to be a time where we didn’t hear about several shootings on the news every day. It’s clear that gun violence is a serious problem at this point, so how do we fix it? It might be a good idea to stop guns from permeating the minds of our children through toys.

Some would argue that the increased gun violence in recent years has to do with moral decay; people don’t respect the danger of guns or the severity of taking someone’s life. We might be one step closer to fixing the former issue if we stop reinforcing the idea of guns as toys. If kids are introduced to guns at an early age in a way that portrays them as less than the dangerous weapons they are, theoretically they would be more likely to hurt someone with real guns one day due to being de-sensitized. Doing away with toy guns would at least reduce the chance of that happening.

If we’re going to undo this culture of violence, it starts with re-teaching people right from wrong, and that includes doing away with harmful artifacts that will lead people down the wrong path.