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Last week, a new show called “Satisfaction” debuted on the USA network. The show takes a look at post-modern American marriage, seemingly tainting the idea of monogamous relationships. The show promotes the idea of spouses looking to extramarital partners to fulfill their desires. In my opinion, “Satisfaction” is sending the absolute WRONG message on how to deal with marital problems.

During the pilot episode, we learn that Grace Truman (female lead) has developed a sexual relationship with a male escort because her husband Neil (male lead) is too invested in his work. When Neil discovers this, he decides to become a male escort himself and has a couple affairs of his own. Nothing seems to be resolved by the end of the episode, as neither spouse seems to have given up their adulterous habits.

While I understand it’s frustrating when one’s spouse doesn’t seem to have time for them, I don’t agree with bringing another lover into the picture. Are a few fleeting moments of pleasure worth the broken trust and other repercussions of cheating on your spouse? If you answered “yes,” I encourage you to rethink getting/being married. Also, if one catches one’s spouse cheating, getting “revenge” by cheating in return doesn’t make the situation better. Discovering your spouse with someone else can make you want to act rashly, but you should communicate with your spouse about it and work towards fixing the root of the problem.

So far, “Satisfaction” just seems to give the wrong idea about everything. As seen in the video posted above, the show challenges the idea of being committed to one person only, asking questions like “Am I meant to be with one person forever? Can I have sex with one person for the rest of my life? What else is out there? What does love really mean?” In a culture like ours, where we’re so bombarded with sexual imagery and self-gratification is such a high-ranking ideal, it makes sense that one might be too brainwashed to think that a monogamous relationship can satisfy. Some might argue that love and sex are two different things, but if you really love someone that means you put them above your own selfish desires. Does that align with betraying their trust to satisfy your primal urges? I don’t think so.

Maybe I’m judging this show a bit too harshly too soon; only one episode has been released as of this writing. Maybe (just maybe) there’ll be a happy ending in which both spouses realize that the “something missing” in their lives can’t be found by sleeping around.

I’d like to hear your opinions of the show, but more importantly of one-on-one relationships.